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Tips To Keep Your Whites White



No matter how clean you think you are, taking care of whites can be tasking. Oddly, it is not how often you wash it that makes it stay white. Rather, keeping your whites clean is all about the specific procedures you incorporate into your laundry process. Here are five ways to keep your whites bright and clean.

• Never wash your whites with any other color. This might seem obvious for bright colors, but this applies to other softer shades such as blush, cream, ivory, pastels, et cetera. Color transfer can be more subtle than you would expect.

• Do not use too much detergent. You are not doing yourself or your clothes a favor by using more detergent than necessary. Excess detergent or fabric softeners leave residue on clothes which allows dirt or dust to stick. Also, make sure your clothes are properly rinsed regardless of the amount of detergent used.

• Only use bleach on cotton. Bleach seems like your best friend when it comes to whites. However, it may be doing more bad than good. Chlorine bleach can be very damaging on other fabrics, leaving yellow streaks.

• Consider using optical brighteners. It can be frustrating seeing your whites with a dingy yellow tone after vigorous washing. Optical brighteners also known as bluing agents add a blue tint to yellowed whites. Blue and yellow are complementary colors thus the final result is whiter looking whites.

• Soak your whites before washing. This process acts as a pre-rinse. It allows the surface dirt to be rinsed out before washing. The last thing you want is to wash your clothes in its own dirt. It also softens dirt, making washing more effective. Soak in warm or hot water (not too hot for clothing with elastic bands) and add detergent (bleach in optional). Allow to soak long enough for the temperature of the water to cool. Rinse out properly before beginning the washing process.



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