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FCT Urge France To Strengthen Collaboration In Learning French Language In Abuja Schools



FCT Education Secretariat has urged the French Embassy in Nigeria, for a strengthened collaboration in the teaching and learning of the French Language in Abuja Junior Secondary Schools.


Speaking at the opening of the Francophonie Week at the French Institute yesterday, Secretary of the Education Secretariat, FCTA, Bala Liman said strengthened collaboration with the mission in the teaching and learning of the French language is required if the students are to adequately benefit from the opportunities affiliated with learning the language.


In an address made to attendants at the opening, Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of France in Nigeria, Guillaume Audren De Kerdrel, disclosed French language as “the second most studied language of the world, with over 125 million students globally.”


“It is a working language of major importance in international organizations including ECOWAS and African Union, third most important language in the business world, and fourth most used in the internet. It is alongside the English Language, the only languages spoken in five of the six continents of the globe,” adds Kerdrel.


Liman who emphasized FCT’s reasons for integrating French Language into the Abuja Schools Curriculum said Nigeria is surrounded three-ways by francophone countries.


However, he noted that decision is daunted by the fact the language competes for resources with other vital parts of the schools’ curriculum as core and vocational subjects.


He notes that to break down linguistic and cultural barriers, the former must be reinforced for harmonious existence in a world that has already become a global village.


Commending the embassy for its earlier efforts in promoting the study of French in FCT schools via its French Labs – French libraries stocked with French print and video learning resources – Liman says FCT is “open to welcome the embassy’s initiative that reinforces and consolidates the teaching and learning of French in the FCT.”


Francophonie Week is celebrated annually, worldwide, and in Nigeria, the French Embassy via the French institute, a few of the 88 member countries of the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) collaborate to host activities in the week.


Participating countries in the event include, Switzerland, Burkina-Faso, and Rwanda. It will feature activities as film screenings, a lecture on ‘Languages In Nigeria and their Interactions Outside the National Space’, and International Food Fair, and a Good Taste France live cooking event and banquet.




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