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Police Officers To Work 8-hours Daily – IGP Adamu



In a bid to tackle the resurgent cases of policemen killing innocent citizens, fatigue and other complaints against the Nigeria Police, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu has directed 8-hours daily job for policemen across the country.

However, the IGP explained that the only time the duty structure would exceed 8-hours is during local or national emergency.

The IGP disclosed this in Abuja on Thursday during the launch of the health awareness strategy for the Nigeria Police Force with the theme; ‘Stay healthy to secure the nation’.

According to him, “This directive is specifically informed by the need to address a major, age-long occupational stressor which long hours of duty engenders among personnel in the Nigeria Police Force and which occasions depression and abuse of power and other professional conducts.

“For purpose of clarity, henceforth, no personnel should be made to perform any duty exceeding 8-hours within a space of 24 hours unless there is local or national emergency.”

He further noted that “Policing being highly demanding job physically, mentally and psychologically, it is pertinent to note that efficiency in discharge of Police duties requires a good state of physical, mental and psychological well being.

“Indeed, argument have been raised that the resonating incidents of misuse of firearms and other extra-judicial actions by police personnel often result directly from work-related stress and emotional conditions which disoriented their rationality.

“In consideration of this, I have ordered that with immediate effect, the shift duty structure of the Nigeria Police which is currently a 12-hour, 2-shifts system should be reverted to the traditional 8-hours,  3-shift shift standard.”

This is a move from the initial directive, where some policemen work 12 hours daily or more before rotation or replacement.

The directive which is with immediate effect is expected to reduce cases of misuse of firearms and other misconduct by policemen which is caused by stress.




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