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APGA Under Siege, Says National Chairmanship Aspirant



***Says Party Has Derailed From Vision of Founding Fathers

An aspirant for the national chairmanship position of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Chief Onwuka Ukwa, on Tuesday declared that his party has been hijacked and mismanaged since the death of one of it’s leaders Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu.

The chairmanship aspirant who lambasted the current leadership of the party, said the founding fathers did not have a vision to restrict APGA to the South East, and particularly, Anambra State.

Ukwa said it is now time for APGA to emerged and operate as a national party that it was intended to be, stressing that the time to restructure APGA is now.

He noted that the party has derailed from the mission and vision of it’s founding fathers which was to provide a platform for Igbos to participate in national politics and regain their voice in the political landscape.

He said the party was to make the Igbos have an umbrella for their political aspirations and to help them rise above all the vestiges of past socio- political anomalies and deprivations.

The aspirant noted that it was unjustifiable to have denied Ojukwu’s wife, Dame Bianca, who, according to him, should be the mother of the party, a ticket in the last election.

He added “Like similar political organisations such as the defunct ACN , APGA was to be a negotiating political platform for South Easterners.

But these noble ideas and ideals have been stifled and truncated by a cabal with a clannish and regional agenda and mentality.

“They have seized the party by force and shortchanged its destiny and vision behind its formation, and making themselves what they are not.

“Nevertheless APGA remains a political force in the South East but this is not what was intended for the party. By now APGA should have been a viable national party making great impact across the country especially given the wide spread and vibrancy of Igbos across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

“The vision behind the coming on board of our eternal leader, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwa to APGA was to ensure that the party was used as a platform to relaunch Igbos into national politics and not a clannish, selfish, rent seeking agenda of a few.

“Chief Ojukwu and the founding fathers did not have a vision to restrict APGA to the South East, and particularly, Anambra state. This is evident in his outreach efforts which culminated in joining forces with progressives such as the current President, Mohammadu Buhari at a certain time when they trudged on in the political trenches to see a better and more prosperous nation. That was the mindset of Ojukwu!

“But it is quite unfortunate that since the demise of our leader, the vision of APGA has been hijacked, that for about 14 years of its existence, Chief Victor Umeh from Anambra became almost the life chairman of the party.

After his tenure he his political minions orchestrated the ascendancy of another Anambra man, Dr. Victor Oye as National Chairman of the party thereby creating a faulty impression that APGA was an Anambra property.

“So how can people from other parts of the south East, the North, South South and South West join APGA as a nation’s political party and have a sense of belonging? This cannot continue!”

He added that the founding fathers including self invested so much into the vision, missions and dream behind the formation of the party and we cannot let it die or remain stunted no matter whose ox is gored.

“It is now time for APGA to emerged and operate as a national party that it was intended to be!

“That is why I, Chief Onwuka Ukwa, a founding father of the party who understands the vision of APGA, is coming out to help restructure the party by seeking to become the next national chairman of APGA,” he said.



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