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NLC Seeks Robust Participation Of Nigerian Delegation At ILC



The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said the Nigerian delegation to this year’s International Labour Congress (ILC) will not be going for a jamboree, but will be having a robust engagement on how to improve Labour issues in the country.

NLC President, Ayuba Wabba while speaking on Tuesday at a preparatory meeting for this year’s ILC said Nigeria seems to always have the highest number of delegation to the ILC

Wabba said, “We dont want a situation where what has happened in the past where people go there, but instead of concentrating and contributing to gain knowledge, they end up on the street.

“That has given Nigeria a very bad image not only at the ILC, but many other international functions. That is why labour took it upon itself to make sure that we prepare very well so that our delegation can participate and add value, while gaining knowledge because that is a place where you can gain knowledge on the working of the ILO.”

He said this year is going to be the centenary and already the agenda bothers on the usual committees especially the committee on the application of standard where over 40 cases will be treated.

He said issues around ending sexual harassment and gender based violence at work will take centre stage at this year’s conference.

He said, “for example the issue we have been championing here is about social security and all of know what the social security in Nigeria is and the fact that it is very low. So, we need to prepare or people to know the back ground knowledge of those committees in place which they can participate in. For example, if Pension is going, they will be on the committee that deals with social security.

“We also have the standard setting initiatives which deals with the issue of ending sexual harassment and gender based violence. This will be a major discussion at the ILC this year. That is why we are going to the ILC this year with about 50 percent women so that we can empower them and also ask them to use the knowledge gained there to come back and domesticate same because the issue of gender based violence in Nigeria has assumed an alarming proportion in different work places and communities. We need those women to become the champions of trying to end this issue of gender based violence.”

Wabba said there are so many things happening in the world of work and  workers will certainly be affected, stressing that Nigerian workers need to be involved and gain knowledge and share experiences.

He said, “They will hear from other countries and governments. With all these, we will be building the capacity of Nigerian workers and trade union movement to be able to fit into the future of work.”





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