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Secrets To Flawless Skin



Everyone wants to have divine flawless skin that guarantees the ultimate attention and gushing compliments everywhere we go but we are often too busy or lazy to observe the simple routine that will ensure this and so spend lots of money buying any beauty products that promises quick and miraculous results which often times produce disastrous results making us beauty victims. Since our skin is a reflection of how we are on the inside; a mirror showcasing the stress and wear of the life we live daily and yet the perfect foundation to any makeup application, it is of vital importance that we take out time to pamper our skin as frequently as possible.

Knowing how busy we are taking care of our home, family, careers and even friends, here are some fast simple beauty routine, tips and tricks guaranteed to cheat age stress, acne, wrinkles, and leave your skin glowing.

  • SALT: is a very powerful cheap exfoliate, that most Spa has inculcated in their beauty package, it tightens age spot/blemishes and give natural radiance to skin tone. Trick: Mix sea salt with olive oil in a paste, rub over your body and wait for fifteen minutes then rinse off.
  • CLAY/MUD PACKS AND MASK: these help in reducing pigmentation, moisture the skin and flush out toxins from our system, revealing smooth, younger looking skin in the process.
  • FRUITS: not only are fruits great in ensuring flawless skin when you eat it, it’s also splendid as beauty mask, facials or cleansers that conditions the skin. They help in intense skin care and prevents signs of ageing (Pineapple is a great exfoliate and cleanser). Trick: make a paste of ripe banana, honey, potato juice and few drops of bergamot oil; apply for 15minutes, dampen with cold milk and then rinse off with warm water.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: the diverse advantages of essential oils cannot be overemphasized, they are anti-ageing agents, regulate skin tone, supplies collagen in skin, and reduces cellulite. You can buy then in super mart anywhere. Trick: For a great cleanser mix magic olive oil, castor oil and hot water.
  • WATER: is a great de-stressing agent, natural relaxant, prevents winkle formation, retains moisture on skin, and cleansing of body internally and externally. Trick: take a glass of water with mixed with limejuice every morning.



  • Remove makeup before bed no matter how tired you are.
  • Indulge in a through beauty routine at least once in two weeks.
  • Exfoliate your entire body at least twice monthly.
  • Always slather yourself in sunscreen, don’t fall victim to the misconception that black women don’t need sunscreen because the sun don’t recognize black or white.
  • Always have handy makeup and facial wipes.
  • Hydration cannot be overemphasized, ensure you always have a bottle of water at hand to encourage drinking.
  • For glowing skin eat lots of carrots, mangoes, garlic, herbs, tomatoes.


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