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9th House: Making A Case For Bago



As the race for who occupies the position of Speaker of the 9th House of Representatives reaches feverish peak one name that  has been echoing is Mohammed Umar Bago.

This  astute and charismatic legislator towers head and shoulder above all other contestants judging from his track records from the 7th Assembly till date.

It has often been said that the legislature holds the key to the success of any democracy and as the bastion of democracy the legislature, particularly the House of Representatives needs an outstanding bridge builder who can pilot the affairs of the house as well as protecting the sanctity of the legislature without compromising its independence irrespective of party affiliation.

Bago fits this profile judging from his managerial skills while in the private sector as a banker of extra ordinary brilliance. His practice spanned many years of merritorous service while holding key positions in the banking industry.

It is also note worthy that this lawmaker after leaving the banking sector joined politics without any blemish till date unlike some others who still have skeletons chasing after them.

Nigeria as a nation since the inception of the 4th republic has faced many challenges from its nascent stage of democracy in 1999, to the present time. Issues of national identify, economic downturn, insecurity infrastructure deficit, comatose education, poor healthcare, migration. Never has the country faced so much sense of despondency.

All eyes are now on the legislature particularly the 9th Assembly to pass legislations that will not only address this challenges, but align with both the executive and the judiciary to navigate the country from this state of hopelessness.

This is where a pragmatic leader like Bago comes in. With his multi lingual skill he will be able to forge a trusted relationship that will create the bonding among his colleagues in the green chamber to achieve the needed cohesion that will deal with the many socio-economic challenges in the country.

The challenge for who ever would emerge as the new speaker of the 9th Assembly is enomous and it will be a great disservice to the country to have a leader shuttling in and out of the courts defending one allegation or the other and distracted from the business of leadership.

Which is why a true speaker of the 9th Assembly must be one that is completely free from extra baggage which will be an hindrance to carrying out matters of great national importance.

A leader who is completely free like Mohammed Umar Bago that has no excessive baggage to carry.

At 45 the Niger State born Lawmaker has garnered enough legislative arsenal to help pilot the most vibrant Green Chamber in Africa.

As Chairman House committee on Maritime, Bago stamped an indelible footprint following the footsteps of his predecessor the present Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who managed the committee to the envy of all.

A very steadfast politician with a track record of consistency laced with absolute loyalty to president Muhammadu Buhari from the days of the Buhari Support Organization, ANPP, CPC and APC.

Truly a loyal party man that is detrabalised considering the fact that he does not look at tribal marks or state of origin before giving employment to his immediate staff.

Nigerians do not want a speaker with a bagfull of inconsistencies and a questionable character. A Bago fits the bill for now if the ninth House must triumph.

Newly elected lawmakers should look before taking a dangerous leap while casting their votes as most returning members know where to lace the survival of this incoming Assembly.

In the next two weeks a new speaker will emerge to pilot the affairs of the House to churn out legislations that will benefit Nigerians.

A Bago  without any criminal baggage or global dent  and with the right legislative experience is the man Nigeria needs for now to occupy the number four position.


– Mahmud a public affairs analyst wrote from Abuja



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