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Cleric Enjoins Christians To Live Godly Life



A cleric, Rev. Maxwell Onyia, has enjoined Christians to live a Godly life as many people are now spending years to pursue vanities.

Onyia gave the advice in a homily he delivered on Sunday during a service at the Anglican Church of Ascension, Enugu.

The cleric, who is also the priest in-charge of the Church, spoke on the topic titled: “”Vanity upon Vanity’’.

Onyia said: “”some young people today spend their years pursuing vanities; investing their energy in accumulating things that will never last.

““To such individuals, there is nothing like living a Godly life, because their scale of preference has been turned upside down.

““This is why they can engage in anything without checking how it affects their spirituality.

“This is simply because they do not fear God’’.

The cleric said that God is calling Christians with misplaced priorities to have a clear paradigm shift in their value system and return back to Him.

According to him, it is important to note that knowing God is a life’s major pursuit.

““For any man who sets himself apart to live for God, God will be committed to hear him.

“”Make your choice right today; re-order your preferences and live for God,’’ he added.

Onyia urged every Christian to sit back and examine his or her life, and ask questions like: “`What am I living for? What am I pursuing in life?’

According to him, it is good to ask these questions because life on earth is full of challenges and human needs are insatiable.

The cleric added that people would continue to desire for things until their death. (NAN)



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