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Rider’s Embassy To Embark On Rural Water Project In 3 FCT Communities



…as they set to ride for clean portable water in Nigeria
Community development is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.
Community wellbeing (economic, social, environmental and cultural) often evolves from this type of collective action being taken at a grassroots level which ranges from small initiatives within a small group to large initiatives that involve the broader community.
This is what the CEO, Rider’s Embassy,
Abubakar Abdullahi visualised when his community of Riders came together to provide boreholes to Abuja communities with the help of the Riders Embassy organisation.
Abdullahi made this known on Wednesday at a press briefing with members of his bike clubs, custom car owners and NGOs at the Jabi Lake Mall Water Front.
According to him, those who are on hand for the briefing are a never-before-seen gathering of good spirited humanitarians who have seen opportunity to do good, and have decided upon themselves to fulfill it not minding the circumstances.
He said though people see bike riders as nuisance and misfit in the society, little did they know that most of them are humanitarians and highly placed personalities who have contributed immensely to growth of the nation.
He called on well spirited Nigerians to key into the project of providing clean portable water for those who are really in need of it in the rural areas.
“People perceive bike riders as rascals,
drug users, child and women traffickers, and so on, but that is a single narrative that has been fed to the public over and over until it became the pervasive reality.
“The actual reality is that we are everyday people, who conduct business like the average Joes and Janes of the world, united by a simple common passion for two-wheeled motor bikes.
“We are here to enact this mission of ours in a very vital aspect of the everyday lives of the residents of Abuja. We have come to announce our plan to install boreholes in Abuja communities.
“It is quite the disheartening tale to find that in 2019, even in the FCT of all places, there are still communities that do not have running water, and some others that have stale unclean water. I mean, water is the most essential component of life. One may live without food for a while, but try living without water. We bathe with it, wash everything with it; I mean, its scarcity at any point in time we don’t use it.
“We, the Rider’s Embassy, impassioned by this reality, have selected these three
communities in Abuja to visit and drill boreholes: Rugga, Dutse Jabo, and Sabo Ido. We have partnered with Aqluadrill Boreholes Nigeria Limited, through the Managing Director, Mr. Jibrin Hussein Jibrin, an ex-biker as well, to achieve this. For the sake of inclusivity and transparency, at this very press event, we would leave the selection of the first community to visit to a vote.
“After the vote, active preparations will begin to achieve this project within the shortest timeframe. There will be three rides to any selected community: the first ride to launch the campaign officially, and also assess the requirements for drilling and bond with the community; the second ride will be to monitor the actual drilling and ascertain work progress; the final ride will be to commission the project, and hand over
management and maintenance to the people of the community,” Mr Abdullahi emphasized.
The Rider’s Embassy is not an organisation without a reputable and enviable profile. They have been assured by their technical partner that the process of drilling a borehole from start to finish will take less than three days; which means that an Abuja community is about to sing songs of joy in a very short time to come.
Also speaking , the Managing Director, Aqluadrill Boreholes Nigeria Limited, Mr. Jibrin Hussein Jibrin, who also doubles as an ex-biker explained that they are happy to provide good portable water at this time the people are yearning for it.
When asked how much is projected for the sinking of the boreholes in the three communities, he explained that it would be difficult to give a specific amount for the project as what they want to do can’t be compared to the normal Nigerians and the people are used to.
“Our company are used to providing qualitative and long lasting work for the people both in rural and the urban areas. I’m specifically attached to this project because it involves people in the rural areas who don’t have. We are going to provide a the best borehole facilities for the communities we would be working on.
“This is a laudable project and we urge Nigerians to key into it,” he explained.
In addition, Mr Abdullahi noted that the Ride for Water will require funding which they believe won’t be a challenge.
The ultimate goal of Ride for Water is to provide clean water for all communities
across the nation who do not have access to one. This means that this is not just a once event, but is carefully designed to keep on running, spreading its wings beyond Abuja, to critical locals in the nation.
“Having hoisted the longest and largest flag in Nigeria as we speak
during the One Nigeria Ride on October 1, in 2017 – an event that saw bike riders preach a responsible and unifying message against separatism and ethnic
balkanization in the streets of Abuja, which is the polar opposite of the perception of what bike riders usually talk about.
” We call on the all humanitarian organizations to support us and ride with us. We call on public-spirited
individuals to do same. We call on the media too, and coming from a background ridden with media-related activities, we know your essence and do not take it lightly; we ask that you stick with us throughout these rides. We call on well-meaning members of the public to contribute their quota too. Let us give help to those who need help; let us give water to those who thirst; let us ride for water, ” he concluded.
Rider’s Embassy is a community of bike riders whose reason for being is firstly, to interact with their immediate community and it is more than a regular riders’ clubs which work to render help to various communities.
The Rider’s Embassy also exists to
change the public notion about bike riders.


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