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First Heatwave Death Confirmed In Spain



Local health authorities of Cordoba, south of Spain, on Friday confirmed the death of a 17 year old teenager who was the first victim of the heatwave.

The health authorities confirm that the teenager was affected by heatstroke after working in the countryside close to the small town of Castro del Rio and died in the Reina Sofia de Cordoba hospital in the early hours of Friday morning.

However,the heatwave is caused by a low pressure system over the Atlantic which is channeling super-heated air from the Sahara north into Europe.

Temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius are predicted for parts of the northeast and central Spain for Friday, with eight provinces placed on red alert.

Meanwhile 19 provinces, including the Spanish capital city of Madrid are on orange alert with temperatures of between 38 and 41 degrees predicted for Friday.



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