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Nigeria’s Challenges Surmountable, Says Ribadu, Imansuangbon, Moghalu



Leading politicians in the country have expressed optimism that there is hope for the nation, saying the current challenges facing the nation are surmountable.

The politicians, a former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Nuhu Ribadu, frontline Edo politician and educationist, Kenneth Imansuangbon and a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu all spoke at the graduation/prize giving ceremony of Pacesetters’ Schools in Abuja yesterday where the school graduated 259 students.

Prof. Moghalu, a former presidential candidate of Young Progressive Party (YPP), said Nigeria will rise again and that the younger generation would lead the charge for a better country.

He said all hope was not lost for the country, adding that all Nigerians must begin to organise themselves to achieve a better country.

According to Moghalu: “We are committed to changing this country to become a better place. Nigeria has been devalued by men and women who have no values. That is why we are where we are today but I can see that you will be the generation that will save this country.

“All around us in Nigeria today we have prophets of doom. But I want to tell you there is hope. Nigeria will rise one day and it is your generation that will lead that rise. I want you to know that all hope is not lost but we all must begin to organise ourselves today.

“Look at all these brilliant children from all parts of Nigerian and they tell you that Nigeria has no future; It is not true. We have a future. We just have to organise and stop agonising.”

Imansuangbon, a politician and educationist, described those who think the country would fail as liars.

He said: “I am happy because there is hope for Nigeria. Those who think Nigeria will fail are big liars. Those who are doing evil had better stop. Nigerians are one of the very best in the world. Our leaders must now sit tight and give us a great future.”

On his part, former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ribadu said the younger generation can make a nation out of the country.

He said he was hopeful that the children of bandits, herdsmen and those who are making things difficult for the country would emulate the graduated students.

“They (younger ones) can make a nation out of the country. They can build things. They are clean.

“A lot of the things you see today happening in our own country are things that young people have no hand in, and I feel it is not fair what we are doing, we the elders, we the grown-ups.

“Please give the young a chance to be what they want to be. Let them love one another. Let them remain as Nigerians.

“I hope and I pray that the children of the herdsmen will be able to be like these ones. The children of bandits who are terrorizing us will be able to be like these kids and the children of those who are making lives difficult for all of us and they are also innocent can be like these ones,” he said.



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