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PMB Has Done Well For The Southeast – Okwudili



Honourable Okwudili Ezenwankwo Christopher, representing Orumba North/Orumba South Federal Constituency of Anambra State in the National Assembly in this interview with JULIET KUYET BULUS, has commended President Buhari on the construction of second Niger Bridge in Onitsha and other infrastructural development across the Southeast Zone of Nigeria

In the last Presidential election PDP won in your state when the state government that is controlled by APGA is supporting APC candidate President Muhammadu Buhari, what is your take as APGA Member?

You said in the last presidential election, you forgot that I contested and won my election on the platform of APGA which was also in that  general election. I can state categorically that in Anambra state what happened in the Presidential election is not something somebody can talk of, because our brother Peter Obi who was a former governor of Anambra State contested alongside with Alh. Atiku Abubakar in that presidential race as Vice President. And in his own way Peter Obi has done well that is why our people decided to vote for him as a person, but considering other cases we are five from APGA who won the National Assembly election, to the glory of God five of us are here, so this simply shows you that APGA is on ground and we will continue to use this platform to protect the interest of our people.


Six years down the line of governance in Anambra State  under the leadership of governor Obiano, how can you say his performance is so far in office?

Well first of all security of lives and property is the number one cardinal point of any good government and I believe that Anambra state remains the safest state in the country, when you talk of security you talk of Anambra state. I can say my state is the number one in the country in terms of crime and crisis free courtesy of Governor Willie Obiano. Come to infrastructural development, I can tell you that our governor is developing all the sectors simultaneously. For example, my immediate constituency is under threat before now, I can tell you that the Governor provided all we need in our community both schools, market and hospitals within my locality; dredged boreholes, providing fire fighting trucks, installation  of street lights and construction of major roads that leads to our Markets in Anambra State. Most importantly chose any project of your choice that will not exceed ten million that is ongoing in all the communities in Anambra state so Governor Obiano has done well in that angle another one is the project that is ongoing now in my state that is not above twenty million naira project in all communities and wards in Anambra state and massive construction of roads going on in the state.


The Federal Government has come out to tell Nigerians of their performance in the construction of the second Niger bridge, which they said is almost at completion stage, what is your take?

First, let me commend the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for constructing the Second Niger bridge. Currently construction work is going on, the contractors are fully mobilized and they are on ground. It has reached up to 30 to 40 percent now, unlike what it used to be during the past administration that played politics with second Niger bridge project. But today everybody can see that second Niger bridge is a reality. President Buhari has done well, and I also want to thank him on the Umunya axis express way, the construction work is going on there as I speak to you now. I can tell you that all the Federal roads in the Southeast has experienced one construction work or the other, infact construction work is going on simultaneously in the Southeast. Mr. President is doing well, we have to support him. Our people from the Southeast have been crying that we are being marginalized in the scheme of things in this country because of political appointment, today we have about two ministers unlike what it used to be before, despite that we did not vote for Buhari. I want to use this medium to beg Mr. President to look for people from the Southeast who voted for him and compensate them with some political appointments in all the parastatals. I also commend Mr. President for the completion of Zik Mausoleum in Onitsha that has been there for over twenty years ago. The past Administration played politics with this Mausoleum, but Buhari has made it a reality, let’s forget about sentiments and talk on the reality on ground and I have nothing to say other than President Buhari has done well let us support him to complete his tenure as President of Nigeria.


APGA abandoned their own Presidential Candidate and voted for the APC Candidate President Buhari, what is your take?

Well, you cannot say that APGA abandoned their presidential candidate as you said, but the correct explanation is that some APGA members voted for APC, while some voted for PDP and some voted for APGA Presidential Candidate you can see that this is a diverse interest. APGA has a candidate but during the election some of us voted against him and some voted for him. But the issue today is that Buhari has been re-elected and what we need to do is to join hands with him and move the country forward.