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My Family Is My Inspiration – Emmanuel Nde



It was around 8pm I came across Emmanuel Nde also known as Emmy Songz at Hard Rock Cafe in Lagos at Odunsi (The Engine) “rare concert” sometime in December 2018. We got into a deep conversation and I noticed he was rare, well educated on what he was doing without a degree to back it up. 
Following his recent feature on Tush Magazine taken over the alté movement, we caught up with him few days ago to discuss about his journey and hoping he shares some light with us. An according to him, he recently started singing aside being a PR & a Social entrepreneur which we knew him for.
What inspired you?
The main fact am from Africa and I am the only son from the family of 6 motivated me, having at the back of my mind as an African man.. Every first son’s are like the head after the father.
My mom is was trader and my dad is a reverend at The Orthodox Archdiocese of Nigeria. A Greek church also known as Eastern Greek Orthodox Church from Alexandra.
How do you manage your careers together?
Honestly stressful; by day Business guru and by night Music business.. I have been learning the music business for a while now from  Wole Ogundare.. I have learnt a lot this year and it has also helped in expanding my services which I would be offering soon..
How is the growth like?
It been an amazing process and am trying to be the best at what I do.. Just mastering my craft before opening the doors to my new business.. Growing is a process and in few years I see a bigger picture aside being an online firm we would be having our offices across the country and taking our services to the next level..
What is Coal Africa aim?
To help build the Africa Media to the same standards as the western world.. But first we starting from Nigeria and so far we have been part of the growth of a lot of media houses including major record labels like Grafton Records & G-Worldwide Entertainment..
How was growing up like?
My dad use to be a staff at Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) and my mom use to work with Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) before I came into existence.. They traded there work to focus on me; so I am out here doing the best I can and trying not to lose my focus..
We wish you the best.
Emmy: Thank You


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