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#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Lady V Set To Inspire People Of Vienna, Austria 



According to Norman Vincent Peale, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” This is not just a small line of approach by someone who has seen it all. It is about the man who believes that we can change our tomorrow today.

And one person who had been championing this process in bringing the world together in a simple and inspirational atmosphere is the sagacious #1 Amazon Best Selling Author whose legacy is undoubtedly the most inspiring , not just in Africa, but the world at large.

There aren’t many women who exude courage, Confidence and Class like Vowero Otomewo-oriakhi (aka) Lady V.

This Audacious British / Nigerian Speaker,  Best Seller  and Confidence Coach always  loves to set high standards for herself and her Mentees.

Lady V global, as fondly Called by many, had a Masterclass in Dallas Texas in April 2018.

Due to a ghastly accident last year, her pace slowed down for months as she went through a period of convalescence.

But now, she’s back with a bang!!! And she has resumed notorious and audacious dreaming again, this time, she is taking it up a notch with her Book Signing / Confidence Workshop coming soon in Vienna,Austria.

As a Great believer of “Godfidence” and Confidence, She has been smashing her goals and hopes to do much more.

She granted an interview with the Kingsway International Christian Centre Television (KICC TV) recently where she shared how she got the inspiration of writing and publishing her second best seller:Lessons From The 52nd Street.

This #1 Amazon best selling Author and great International speaker has helped change the Lives of many women, girls and youth all over the World, As a result of what she does , many have become extremely  confident to pursue their passion unapologetically and live their best dreams while making real cash in the process.

For those who want to tap from the vineyard of this inspirational mogul, they don’t need to look else. If you need more details about inviting her for speaking gigs in any part of the World, Please check her website: Your life would never remain the same.




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