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N Power Batch C Enrolment Is Open To All – Nyako



Aminu Nyako is the special assistant on Social Investment to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs,Disaster Management and Social Development. In this interview with journalists, spoke on the disengagementof Batch A and B on the N-Power programme and the enrolment of Batch C

The N-Power will commence
on Friday, who qualifies for the
programme and what happens to
the Batches A and B that would be

The N-Power portal will open on
June 26th that is on Friday, precisely,
it is eligible to all Nigerians to apply.
Previous batches were focus on
graduate, but now we are opening up
for all Nigerians to benefit from the
programme. The NBS said there are
40 million Nigerian youths that are
unemployed to which the N-Power was
able to cater for 500,000 in four years.
We believe that is just one percent and
there are lots of Nigerian youths that
are willing and able to participate in
the programme. The portal is N-power. It is a hybrid model that seek
to cater for a large breed of Nigerian
youths age range is between 18-35
years and the portal will be open by
noon June 26th, 2020.

Telling about Batches A and B
that would be disengaged, some
are complaining that they haven’t
been paid their stipends, what is

into other opportunities be it other
government programmes and private
sector opportunities. We do understand
that they being on the programme
for a minimum of 24 months across
batches and we understand that
they are extremely committed to
the programme. However, we need
to pen the programmes to more
beneficiaries for them to come on
stream into the laudable programme
of President Muhammadu Buhari. The
transition will seek to leverage some
of the success stories that have bene
identified currently within the N-Power
programme a lot of beneficiaries have
already created jobs for themselves
while others have private sector

There are some that came out of their
engagements and carved a niche for
themselves such as a lady from Ogun
State that has a fishing farm for herself,
so we are encouraging beneficiaries to
do same or we would move them into
private sector engagement.

Why is it that whenever N-Power
is mentioned people have negative
notion about it?

It is not necessary negative, substitute
is a very large intervention programme
to youth populations and you know they
have a lot of energy or be it, to say there
would be communication gap when you
are trying to communicate to 500,000
beneficiaries at the same time and some
implementation challenges, however,
the benefits of the programme to the
people are undeniable and we believe
that the Batch C would take on all
the lessons learnt in terms of how the
programme is being implemented and
it would be improved on in the Batch C.
Some participants are collecting
salaries and still be part of the
N-Power beneficiaries, how are you
going to tackle that?

We had these rumours and the
ministry has already put mechanism
to ensure that it does not occur in the
Batch C enrolment.

Yes, the ministry is aware that
some beneficiaries are yet to receive
their stipends. The 2020 budget
kicked off in March and we had to
move into the Gifmis platform and
during the transition, some records
of beneficiaries were rejected by the
system and currently the ministry is in
the process of reconciling those record
and payment would be made to the
beneficiaries. I think it is also important
for the public to know that the ministry
does not own the N-Power beneficiaries
but it is within the TSA, so once the
reconciliation is made beneficiaries will
receive their stipends as slated.

We heard that those to be disengaged
will be incorporated into a particular
programmes. What is your take on
The ministry had designed transition
plan that will place the Batch A
and B beneficiaries of the N-Pow