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‘StudyPaddy’ Unveils Video-conferencing Software For Online Teaching, Learning



StudyPaddy, one of Nigeria’s biggest names in the edutech space, has announced their newest product, ‘StudyPaddy Live,’ an affordable alternative video conferencing tool to enhance online teaching and learning process.

StudyPaddy Live is used in two ways, either as part of a termly subscription package to unlimited live online group classes by schools, as a means of complimenting physical learning with virtual online education, or a monthly subscription for freelance private lessons by  expert instructors in a variety of academic and skill-based courses.

Senior Sales Rep of the Software, Henry Elroi said StuddyPaddy shared and semi-dedicated subscribers will have free access to ‘StudyPaddy Live,’ but subscribers with a dedicated plan will be charged a monthly fee to use the software.

According to him, “Since all classes are held online through StudyPaddy’s Virtual class, lessons are available all around the world by means of desktop computer, tablet, or versatile gadget. Furthermore to interfacing learners with a live educator, the stage permits more noteworthy social interaction by providing a social network. Through messaging and file sharing functionalities, learners can interact, collaborate and assist each other at any time during the lifespan of the subscription. This kind of interaction has been proven to foster learning amongst peers.

He added that the move was made move in order to bring live instruction to more people. “While online learning are an incredible learning option, it’s simply not easy moving between the tools that can enable you achieve same, and even when you do find an all inclusive platform, it is usually not so affordable to everyone. And the problem with most online education options is that the content is pre-recorded and unresponsive to the needs of individual students.

“So, the student is left stranded on an island – alone with questions, trying to learn. Students are missing the feedback from a mentor and the encouragement from their peers that helps accelerate their learning to the next level. We believe that learning through live, with your familiar or unfamiliar expert instructors is the most preferred and effective way to gain new skills. Now, StudyPaddy Live is bringing all the tools you need to effectively run an online education under one roof, the best in Internet technology, video learning, and a super interactive virtual class, mentorship to consumers, all with a low monthly and termly cost that makes it affordable to most freelance teachers and schools respectively.”

Schools can also use this to extend their classroom instructions to homeschoolers at a reduced fee and as classes are taught by real, live instructors following a planned out curriculum, homeschoolers can still benefit from quality education.

He noted “Classes are available throughout the day, as deemed fit by individual instructor, especially during the most popular schooling hours:  during the week, in the evenings and on weekends.”

Meanwhile, freelance teachers only pay monthly when they earn, while schools enjoy a low termly fee starting from 2,000 per student while teaching staffs and management staffs of client schools are not charged.