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Again, who is your friend?

We live in a world where your life is a template of scrutiny, whatever you do, invokes interest either positive or negative. We are all captives of envy by family, friends and the world. It’s either we are envying others or we are being envied. Man by nature was designed with the DNA of covetousness – we are wired naturally to be jealous of ourselves. It starts from a stained heart of weak faith who questions God for making that person richer than you – forgetting that everything is designed according to time.
A young girl in Benue state was alleged to have been poisoned last week on her birthday. Surrounded by friends, she danced and jived in ecstasy. Before you say, Jack! She was down, fuming from the mouth and she breathes her last. She died right on the spot during her birthday celebration that turned to her death dirges. Friends who came to celebrate her life became witnesses to her death! Such a tragic end! Findings later revealed that she was poisoned by one of the friends. Her sin was being alive, the latest iPhone dashed her as birthday gift became her albatross. The devilish friend couldn’t bear the fact that the celebrant was richer by an iPhone. She snuffed out a life because of a worthless piece of a voice machine. Who is your friend my friend?
I grew up in school seeing a friend being driven to school every day in different state of the art cars. His father was rich and so was my friend’s privileges. He could afford anything that we could not afford. Life was beautiful for him and his family. We envied and wished we were in his shoes, but God has his design for people at different times.  We left secondary school and continued the journey of life. By the timetable of nature, I got into the university before this dude. By the time I was graduating was when he was entering the university. Our friendship waxed on sleeping almost on the same bed, sharing dreams and struggling to make ends meet.
In between time, defined by nature, things changed. I became a man that could count some digits. The toils of hustle had started paying off, I could afford a second-hand tokunbo car and change my wardrobe. Life became pretty luxurious somehow, for I could make do with my own definition of luxury. You don’t have to be happy and feel rich until you have millions in your account, a thousand in your pocket is enough to feel like a millionaire, you define your own happiness- that is if you are gifted with the virtue of contentment oh. So, my dear friend won’t take my new status, he became edgy and withdrawn. I tried hard to find out what could be amiss. He was picking quarrels needlessly, what used to evoke beautiful feelings before now irritates this dude. I couldn’t fathom anything as I tried hard to mend our friendship.
We lost our friendship, not from a quarrel but from irreconcilable envy. He couldn’t take my new status, I had broken the cord of friendship by dislocating from my yesterday’s life of want. He couldn’t take that, to him, I must remain perpetually in his shadow. Riches must only dwell in their house and not in my own house. My dear friend became disgruntled, painting me in grotesque colours. He said my hustles aren’t genuine but the product of blood money. He found a new task, going round amplifying his hate for me. He became a burden of paranoia, getting eat up by the maggots of envy. Such a once beautiful soul being dangerously consumed by hate fa. He was irredeemably a dangerous frienemy lurking around to launch a lethal blow.
This is what life is, a delicate ware of vanity, the person you love with all your heart could turn in split seconds into a monster. Nothing is assured when it comes to the human mind, highly an unpredictable template. We must be very careful when dealing with friends and even family, they are our closest path to greatness and destruction. It takes a close pal to wreck you because he knows intoto your vulnerability. As you sail on the waters of life, be careful who your friend is, most friends are enemies in waiting. Submit your life to the total protection of God and you are saved from the treacheries of stained friendship.
As my friend Rukaiya Yusuf would say, ‘Beware of the Table of life…the table of life can turn against anyone, and at any given time. The people we brand enemies just might turn out to be the best people that life ever gave us the opportunity of meeting. Never judge or underestimate anyone. While dining on the table of life, be careful how you treat the person on the other end of the table whose dish is not as delicious as yours. The table might just turn around and you will be left with the leftovers’.
Again, who is your friend?
Realistically musing
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