Wizkid’s 3rd Child ‘ZION’ Unveiled

Starboy Wizkid seems to becoming notorious for sowing his wild oats anywhere having about three women who have had a child for him. The recent being his new UK mamager, Jada Pollock.

The Nigerian pop star last year, November tweeted the names of his new baby as ‘Zion Ayo-Balogun’ having kept the delivery of the baby early in the month of Novemver, 2017.

Finally, the face of baby Zion has been unveiled by the mother who had shielded this until now. In the photos, Jada is seen dressing baby Zion up with the help of a relative. Jada Pollock who doubles as the manager to Wizkid is the third baby mama for the superstar. Their relationship was practically unknown until it was announced that she had given birth to a baby boy.

Jada Pollock is an entertainment veteran also known as Jada Styles who’s the head of her consulting business firm she shared with an African football star.

Wizkid who is also competing with Davido in this impregnating spree, reportedly got into a romantic affair months after they started working together. An online source noted, ‘Wizkid is a bit reckless but she really has it for him.”

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