Bindow: Saving Adamawa State From The Hands Of Political Charlatans

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For every genuine indigene of Adamawa state, the decision of 11th April, 2015 will remain a decision they will cherish forever. It was a decision that tested their collective resolve to choose between truth and falsehood. And they overwhelmingly settled for the truth. No doubt, voting His Excellency Muhammad Umar Jibrillah (Bindow) as the Executive Governor of Adamawa State is the best thing that has ever happened to the people of Adamawa State.

Coming from an injured background that has suffered overheated elite mudslinging whose resultant effect was manifest in the total underdevelopment of the state and a rancorous polity that brokered no decorum for peaceful coexistence and collective pride, Adamawa State was indeed a conquered entity under the overbearing control of a bunch of political charlatans who have milked and strangled it to a point of suffocation. The decision of 2015, truly marked a turning point in its development. It was a point when its people decided to free it from these political jobbers and Governor Bindow ended up as the right man to lead this messianic mission.

Governor Bindow seems to be a man in a hurry to make impact in all ramification. In a hurry to pull the state out of underdevelopment; penal-beat its face and confront its infrastructural decline. Those old Gongola urban roads that have been left to decay by previous administrations are not only back to life but wear the best modern look with drainages to secure them; new roads, new bridges, new street lights and even new social codes are constructed. Amazingly, at the most minimal cost compared to the overinflated cost of abandoned projects in the state in the past.

The economy of the State is rejigged and jumpstarted; security is being handled with tact and expertise; the civil service is being reformed and professionalized; social safety nets are being put in place and gainful employment for the youths are being provided. At a time when payments of salaries of civil servants is becoming a prized rarity in most states, due to the dwindling national resources, Adamawa state has promptly kept a date with the salaries of its workers. State of emergency is being declared on education, health, agriculture water resources etc.

Governor Bindow is truly working and Adamawa State is changing. His biggest sin is that he has refused to hand over the little resources of the state to a handful charlatans who have arrogated to themselves the ownership of the state at the expense of the people like it was done in the past. To these charlatans, the Governor must be pulled down by all means; he must be distracted because his performance is not only threatening them, but exposing their past weaknesses and misdeeds. To some of them, his conduct and performance is raising the bar of good governance to a level they never contemplate they will ever reach.

Luckily, for Governor Bindow, his ingenuity does not only stop at giving Adamawa good governance, it has also transcended to political sagacity. He has realized so early that these charlatans will come after him; they will invent a fight and bring him into it so that he will be distracted. He has consciously and craftily avoided their advances because he knows neither him nor the state would benefit from such unproductive scuffle. Such statesmanlike decision is what is interpreted as cowardice by these enemies of the Adamawa people.

For us as citizens of Adamawa, Governor Bindow is a hero. He is our choice and a choice we have no regret for. He is fulfilling his own side of the social contract with us with satisfaction and pride. We will fulfil our own side of the bargain by supporting and protecting him from his enemies and enemies of Adamawa State.  We now know who the real enemies are.

A support for Governor Bindow is a support for the progress of Adamawa state and a stab on the spine of the enemies of Adamawa state.

Thumbs up for the peoples’ Governor. A salute to the bulldozer.  Work! Work!! Work!!! Charlatans pack and go.

Musa Duhu


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