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Man Hacks Mother-In-Law To Death In Kebbi



Just last week Wednesday, in a small village called Bangu in Mahuta town of Fakai local government area of Kebbi State, a man by name, Tambaya Alhaji Manu, 42 yrs of age mercilessly slaughtered his mother in-law, identified as Aisah Barto, 40 years over a misunderstanding that ensued between him and his mother-in-law for refusing to release his wife (her daughter) after he divorced her a month ago. YAHYA SARKI, writes.

LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that the aggrieved man had a disagreement with his wife, Hajo Mohammed, which forced her to relocate to her parent’s house in order to make her husband come after her to see her parents so that their differences could be resolved between both her and the said husband, Manu .

Unfortunately for Hajo Mohammed, that good motive of hers would turn out to be her nightmare. Her husband, Tambaya Alhaji Manu’s efforts to take his wife back home were rejected by members of the wife’s family, who refused just to release their daughter until issues bedevilling their marriage were resolved.

They insisted that it was necessary for the husband to come with his parents or relatives so that the problems surrounding their marriage would be resolved before he could be allowed to take home his wife. At that moment, the aggrieved husband brought out his cutlass and brutally macheted his mother in – law to death and also attacked his father in-law and wife who decended on him on seeing how he killed his mother in-law. He used his machete to cut both his father in -law and his beloved wife, all in an attempt to kill them  too.

In every society or community, it is common to see or hear about domestic quarrels between husband and wife or misunderstanding between married couples. Sometimes, if issues are not resolved, the situation leads to divorce but even under divorce cases, there is still room for amicable resolution of marital issues between married couples after  the intervention of the parents of both parties when tempers are down.

However, in this case between Tambaya Alhaji Manu of Bangu village and his wife, Hajo Mohammed, what transpired between the two Fulani couples was strange and very emotional. The despicable attitude of the husband was rather strange, bizarre and unfortunate in the whole incident. Although, he did not survive to tell his gory story, he left people wondering how and why on earth, a right thinking person could have behaved the way he did to his in -laws even when it appears that they did not terminate his marriage with their daughter but only demanded the presence of his parents or relatives to agree on a truce before they could eventually release their daughter to him.

Although Manu, the husband was subjected to jungle justice and eventually killed by the angry and frustrated community members on seeing how he brutally killed his mother in-law, luckily his wife, Hajo Mohammed, survived to tell her story and other members of the community too narrated what happened.

Wrapped with bandages around her body as a result of cuts she suffered from her husband, the wife, Hajo Mohammed, through an interpreter, managed to narrate her ordeal in the hands of her husband who also tried to kill her after killing her mother. “I must say that I was surprised with his sudden attitude when he came to plead with my parents to allow me return home. He just attacked my mother with his weapon (cutlass) ,striking her until she died suddenly.

“He also descended on my father, cutting him severally after he killed my mother. When I rushed to the scene, he started attacking me as well with his cutlass, he inflicted many cuts on my hands and body “, she said. When asked if they had problems with their marriage or misunderstanding with the husband or if she had any idea if her husband was on drugs, she said, “Well, we did not have problems with our marriage, only minor misunderstanding and when I came back home, I did not have the intention of staying longer than necessary but for my parents to intervene and talk to him so that the minor problem would be resolved. I don’t think he took drugs or had any issue of madness, I don’t really think so”, she concluded.

On his part, the village head of Bangu, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar, lamented the whole incident, describing it as bizarre in his village.

“When the wife came home because of the misunderstanding between her and her husband, the husband followed her home and said he wanted to take his wife home. But the mother said no, he should please be patient and give her sometime. At least it was necessary for his parents to come to iron out certain issues regarding their marriage. At that point, he just brought out his cutlass and started cutting her neck until she died instantly.

On hearing the noise, her husband, his father in-law, also came out and he attacked him. His wife rushed out to save her father, but he also turned on her and started cutting her, almost ripping her hands off. Although, he only succeeded in killing his mother in-law, his father in -law and their daughter (his wife ) survived with deep multiple cuts on their bodies.

Both of them were taken to the hospital and they survived but community people could not control their emotions, they beat him to death on seeing how he killed his mother in -law and tried to kill the other two”, he said.

LEADERSHIP Sunday visited the Mahuta General Hospital where the victims were treated before the wife, Hajo Mohammed, was referred to Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kebbi for further treatment because of the deep cuts she sustained. The Principal Medical Officer (PMO) of the hospital, Dr Haruna Bala, explained how he received the patients, the nature of their cuts and why the woman was referred to FMC, Birnin Kebbi for further treatment.

“Around 7 pm, she was rushed to the hospital together with her relation.  When they came, my attention was drawn to her because I met her in a pool of blood. I asked what really happened, all the relatives were reluctant to tell me what really happened, until the police that brought them explained. They also came along with the body of the husband because he was already dead.They told me that the woman quarrelled with her husband, which made her pack her belongings and return home. After some days, the husband went to the house to get her but she refused and at that time, he brought out his cutlass killed her mother, and also started cutting her and her father. 

“In fact, she sustained deep cuts on the hands, on the neck, on the back and on the head. In fact, she sustained muscular lacerations. All the veins on her hands were cut. The cut was very deep, you could see the inside, everything. She almost lost her hands, she lost a lot of blood and she was in shock. We quickly took her to theatre and she survived. It was only God that saved her. So, after four to five days, we referred her to Federal Medical Centre in Birnin Kebbi for experts to see her.

“She had to see an orthopedic surgeon to continue from where we stopped. I also learned that the husband, after killing her mother, also attacked her father and then his wife before he was killed by the relatives. We also attended to her father who was attacked by him”, he explained.

The doctor had earlier explained to LEADERSHIP Sunday that violence in the area was almost a daily occurrence. According to him, the hospital has been recording cases of violence and many times when the victims were brought to the hospital, they were already dead or seriouly maimed.

“We receive cases of killings in this area frequently, even yesterday, a man was brought for operation on his eye because he had quarrel with some people and they chopped off his one eye. Few months ago, almost eight Okada owners were killed by motorcycle snatchers. Violence here is frequent, farmers and herders, cattle rustlers and other domestic violence”, he lamented.

The Chairman of Fakai local government area, where the incident happened, Alhaji Musa Rabiu Karma, when contacted on the recent incident of domestic violence and frequent killings in his local government area,  said measures were being put in place in collaboration with security agencies to curb the situation.

He appealed to people in the area not to take laws into their hands and to report any suspicious persons to the police or security personnel. “Forget about what people say about the frequent killings, people are just saying so. I am only aware of the recent one, which is a family affair where the husband killed his mother in law, harmed his father in-law and his wife.

The measure we are  taking is that I was in touch with the divisional police officer, the SSS, the DEO civil defence and we discussed the issue thoroughly. There is now more frequent surveilance by the police and other security outfits in the area. People should cooperate with all security agencies and report any suspicious characters in their midst” , he warned.

A resident of the village Shuaibu Jatau  told LEADERSHIP Sunday that “after several efforts to resolve the marital crisis, the situation proved abortive. He stormed his in-law”s house to carry his wife home. But when family members denied him, he drew his cutlass and machetted his mother in-law who died immediately.

“He also attacked other two members of the family, inflicting machete cuts on them, but they were rescued by their neighbours. He attempted trying to escape, however, people around overpowered him and he was beaten to death”, he said.

When contacted about the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the the state, DSP Mustapha Suleiman, confirmed the incident. He said that before the police got to the village, “two people died in the incident, the mother in-law and the son in-law, who is the husband of their daughter and the culprit in the case “.

Up until now, many people, especially from the village of Bangu in Fakai local government area in Zuru emirate of Kebbi State, where the unfortunate incident occurred, are wondering how somebody could commit such an evil act on his wife and his in-laws. Only he, the late, Tambaya Alhaji Manu, who perpetrated such a sinister act, can explain why he did so. And he has taken this with him to the grave.