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Corruption Fight: Forgive Past Leaders, Oluwo Appeals To PMB



Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has appealed to the federal government of Nigeria, led by Muhammed Buhari, to leave past leaders to God for the country to move forward. According to him, some culpable leaders are frustrating the anti-corruption crusade and cloging our progress.

Oba Akanbi, who described Buhari as the sole inventor of political anti-corruption, stated that victims of his crusade, are dividing the progressive fold, as Nigeria political set up is characterised with repetition of past officials who have milked our resources to emptiness.

He lauded President Muhammed Buhari for taking the bull by the horn and checkmating corrupt leaders, tasking his office to forgive past officials for the country to move forward.

He lauded Buhari for succeeding the war against corruption as laid by the late Murtala Muhammed, advising relaxation for past leaders.

“The fear of Buhari is the beginning of a sane administrative set up, he said. ‘‘Forgive the past, your enlightenment/awareness is a signal to decimate corruption, he concluded.”

Oluwo noted the anti-corruption war has divided the governance even as the victims continually frustrate every means devised to propel Nigeria’s greatness. He called on the presidency to launch a forgiveness awareness and a capital punishment for potential corrupt leaders.

“Most questionable past leaders who are not part of the incumbent administration and answerable to anti-graft agencies, are frustrating the effort at ensuring Nigeria is great. In the Nigerian government cycle, none of the officials are new. The seemingly new breed are fixed or promoted by past leaders majority of whom have questions with EFCC or ICPC. As such, they orchestrate dramas that end up making Nigeria ungovernable thanks to their planted moles. The solution is to forgive them and enact capital punishment for new leaders who engage in any act of corruption.”

The monarch said no Nigerian will vote anyone that has been exposed by the anti-graft agencies. He then urged the president to take a cue from his anti-cultural corruption awareness.

“Few months ago, I took the courage to apologise to the victims of slavery which our kings championed, as well as other vices traceable to ancient stools. Many Africans from all continents have applauded that and ready to reconnect for progress. I want Buhari and his cabinet to emulate this. Forgive past leaders, implement capital punishment for prospective embezzlers and concentrate on governance.”

Oba Akanbi said the development of Nigeria is not negotiable. He called on well-meaning Nigerians to see themselves as part of the incumbent administration, criticise constructively and assess government performance objectively.

He went on to condemned the politics of hatred among political parties and beseeched politicians, irrespective of their affiliation to see governance as a collective duty rather than resulting to campaign of calumny and name calling.

He urged emerging leaders to embrace all inclusive government characterised with competent individual irrespective of political attachment.



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