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NAF Fighter Jets Neutralise More Fleeing Bandits In Zamfara



Thee Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Air Task Force (ATF) Operation Diran Mikiya has once again 25 and 27 August 2018 dealt a deadly blow on armed bandits at Bayan Ruwa and Rugu forest in the Eastern part of Zamfara State.

This is in continuation of operation Diran Mikiya which commenced on 1 August to flush armed bandits out of the Northwestern part of the country.

A statement by the director of public relations and information, Nigerian Air Force Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola said the attack on Bayan Ruwa was executed following an encounter with a notorious group of armed bandits by own ground forces whilst conducting clearance operations on 25 August 2018.

He noted that the troops upon encounter called for close air support and the ATF dispatched a ground attack aircraft as well as an attack helicopter to the location.

The statement noted that the aircraft supported the ground forces of Sector 3 to inflict maximum damage on the criminal elements.

He further averred that on 26 August 2018, an attack helicopter on armed reconnaissance around same locations sighted makeshift structures within a forested area suspected to be a new hideout being developed by the bandits that survived the attack of the previous day, adding that the helicopter subsequently engaged the location and some of the bandits, who were seen attempting to flee the location, were mopped up by subsequent follow-on attacks.

The director also explained that armed reconnaissance missions conducted on 26 and 27 August 2018, revealed the presence of some armed bandits at a settlement East of Hayin Alhaji as well as some warehouse-like structures deep inside Rugu Forest that were being used as hideouts by the bandits.

“Accordingly, the warehouses and the criminals operating there were attacked by the combat helicopters leading to the destruction of the makeshift buildings and neutralization of several armed bandits,” it said

He therefore reiterated that NAF ATF will continue to dominate the area through armed reconnaissance and air interdiction missions to completely decimate the armed bandits in order to ensure a return to normalcy in Zamfara and other States in the North West.

The statement also called on persons involved in armed banditry in the area to renounce violence, surrender to security agencies and hand over their weapons.



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