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PMB is Anxious To Deliver On The Nigerian Dream – Bulama



A stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Deputy Director General in charge of Co-ordinations of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, Architect Waziri Bulama has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari is anxious about delivering to the Nigerian people the change and transformation he promised them when he first venture onto the political stage.


Bulama made this known when he spoke to journalists in Abuja on Friday. He said the President had always known the yearnings and impulses of the ordinary Nigerian and that giving him the mandate for the second time was best decision the Nigerian electorates have made as it will give him ample opportunity to consolidate on his vision for a new Nigeria.


He said: “We who know the kind of man President Muhammed Buhari is, who have watched close his they role he has played in the political life of this country and they qualities that have sustained him in politics cannot help but be filled with optimism about the Prospect of him being at the helm of our nation’s affairs for the next four years.


“The President knows what is at stake; He knows that Nigeria is our common patrimony, he see himself as a fatherly figure of the nation, he is conscious of the judgment of history and wants to leave a legacy of prosperity and sustainability. We can see what he has been doing in the last four years to rescue the economy from recession and stagnation, to bring stability and growth. You can see the see the socio-economic and social welfare policies like the Social Investment Programmes, trader monie scheme, the massive infrastructural drive. PMB and the APC are concerned about the conditions of the vulnerable people in Nigeria. You can see the school feeding programmes and the agricultural value chain initiatives.


“PMB wants to move the country away from the mismanagement and kleptocracy of the past that has added miles to our journey and quest to be a leading global economy. But we can see the anti-corruption war, the streamlining of all government revenues or what is known as TSA, and the spending priority is now on infrastructures and projects that will add value to the economy. The improvements in infrastructures have made investments in the country more conducive and are reducing drastically the cost of doing business.

“ All the achievements of his first tenure where more like pilot projects, so in the next level we are going to see these projects and programmes on a much larger scale.



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