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A. K Usman: Law Professor With Fictional Strokes



The name A.K Usman will always ring bell in the minds of lovers of fiction. This is because the Professor of Law is the most published in Northern Nigeria today having published over 20 fictions. Some of his well-known literary works include: The Village Tradesman, The Butcher’s Wife, Hope in Anarchy, My Headmaster, The Death of Eternity, Bivan’s House, Sieged, The Heart of Jacob, The Lone Piper and the Birds’ Case, The Disappointed Three, The Lord Mammon, The Mad Professor of Babeldu, A Journey of Hell to Heaven, The Deportee, Twilight for a Vulture, Gods of my Fathers, Farewell to Peace, The World Conference in Heaven, The Old Woman and the Birds, The Wind Scripts, Tales of Tartarus and Return of the Oracle and other Short Stories.

Although, the Law Professor is very tall in the literary world, he is as well very tall in politics. He is very loyal and committed to President Buhari and all that the president represents. However, I still doubt if he has really been given adequate recognition by the government. Thus, When President Muhammadu Buhari, prior to the 2019 elections, promised that in 2019, he would reward his loyal supporters, one man that readily came to mind, which I think had not been really rewarded compared to his loyalty, dedication and commitment to President Muhammadu Buhari as a person and all that the President stands for is Professor Adamu Kyuka Usman.  A teacher, worthy mentor, author and a professor of law at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Adamu is the current Senior Special Assistant to the President on Legal Matters, Research and Documentation.

For me and older generations of students at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and other high institutions across the country that were not born or very young when President Buhari governed this country as the Military Head of State, there were negative media portrayal of the President as a tyrant and dictator, not because all that were portrayed about him were true. I grew up with these malicious narratives of President Buhari until my first contact with President Buhari through a book titled “Muhammadu Buhari: The Spirit of a Man” by Adamu Kyuka Usman. I became aware of the book through the interview the author granted the New Nigeria Newspaper shortly after the public presentation of the book. I immediately rushed to a popular bookshop in Zaria, Kola Bookshop, to get a copy. After reading the book, I became Buhari’s fan instantly. This happened in 2003. No doubt, there are many young Nigerians whose wrong perceptions of the President were changed by that book. I know a couple of them. It was in that book that the concept “Buharinomics” was expounded, the concept that describes the economic policies and decisions of Muhammadu Buhari as a military ruler.

Through the book, I realized that the reason Buhari was hated as a military Head of State is the same reason he is still hated today – he is never a lover of corruption and corrupt people. He was and is firm and brutal when it comes to fighting those who pilfer the country’s resources for personal benefits; those who have structured the country in a manner that will immensely benefit them, their cronies and proxies in high places.

After my Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and shortly after being admitted to pursue a degree in law at the same university, I was told how Professor Adamu Kyuka Usman usually devoted part of his lecture time to change those negative perceptions of young Nigerians about the president. My admission to study law afforded me the opportunity to have one-on-one interaction from the man whom I have come to love as a result of his undiluted love for Buhari.

Usman was a founding member of The Buhari Organisation (TBO) and had served as secretary of an arm of that organisation, the Integrity Network Group. It was this group that was responsible for the formulation of the vision and mission of President Muhammadu Buhari in politics. He is among those who stood by Buhari the various times the mandate given him by Nigerians was stolen. After the 2003 general elections, the charade Obasanjo committed the worst political fraud in political history of Nigeria, President Buhari took the matter to court to challenge the fraud that characterized the elections. Professor Adamu Kyuka Usman being a close and loyal ally of President Buhari, was part of the legal team that represented the President from the Presidential Election Tribunal up to the Supreme Court. The team was able to convince the Justices of the Supreme Court that the presidential election was rigged by Obasanjo and the Justices agreed with them but could not, due to the reasons best known to them, nullify the election.

The cerebral Professor A. K. Usman did not stop there. When the Supreme Court Justices passed their judgments, the finest and very bold critique of the judgment titled: “Buhari vs Obasanjo: Law and Justices on the Cross” was authored by the erudite scholar. The critique remains evergreen and we have not seen anyone disagreeing with it. Professor Usman therefore represents the exactitude of what President Buhari stands for. He is honest, discipline and hates corruption. For sometime now, he has been a champion against judicial corruption. For instance, when the DSS carried out a sting operation against some corrupt judges, Professor Usman did not shield his aspersion against the infamous acts of men on the bench. He was firm, vehement and unpretentious in his criticism against an industry whose image suffers ignominy and protracted deflation.

At the level of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Usman is a core and loyal party man. He served in the 2019 Presidential Campaign Council as deputy director of the Policy, Research and Strategy Committee of the Council. He equally served as the party returning officer for Kaduna State in the 2019 Presidential Election. He was in the Mallam Nasir el-Rufai’s re-election campaign committee at his own home state, Kaduna.

President Buhari had promised Nigerians that his posture against corruption in the Next Level would be tougher and firmer, indication that he equally needs those who share similar ideological disposition for him to succeed. The Next Level requires those who share the same ideology with President Buhari and not those who ambitions and intentions are anachronistic to his stance on corruption and anti-corruption. The Next-Level requires those whose hands will be on deck with the President in his stringent fight against corruption, not those whose hands will be under the deck crumbling and frustrating the very structure the President struggles to build.

Over time, Usman has been tested on the altar of consistency, as his principles reflect the shadow of what the Next Level represents. Next Level requires those who are not carrying the baggage of corruption on their heads, but those whose pedigree reflects the pure, taintless and stainless past of President Buhari. We do not need those whose lips are cosmetically coated with the change mantra, but their DNA is shrouded in callous and primitive accumulation of wealth. The Next Level requires the services of those whose loyalty to President Buhari predates his entrance to the murky water of politics, not the accidental loyalists whose loyalty is anchored on political necessity. In Professor Usman, I see a tough, principled and uncompromising personality that possesses the will, commitment and determination to stand for all that Buhari and the Next Level symbolize.

Yakubu sent this from Abuja.