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Sonnia Agu: A Passionate Community Worker



She is a devout believer in the Nigerian dream with over 7years of strategic and diversified professional experience in Social Work, Media, Aviation, Oil and Gas as well as Business Development.

A millennial Social Entrepreneur, Sonnia Agu who claimed she starts business for the sake of profit as well as making the community or country a better place explained that her community project and her passion for the people  is her driving force.

“When I  moved back to Nigeria in 2012 after I graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University, I started off with my  own foundation named G1st International Foundation and the Youth Community (The Sapio Club).

“I have so much passion, dreams and enthusiasm when I moved back to Nigeria in 2012. Though the current situation of things birthed a desire to push harder, but to the glory of God, I have two now- G1st International Foundation ( which started in 2013, but the community is more or less a social enterprise and the Youth Community (The Sapio Club) which started in 2015, and to be honest with  you, I’m beginning to loose count on what we have done so far as everyday brings a different task with a need to share my talents and gifts via God’s Grace.

“From building libraries, to IT hubs, to starting and supporting other SMEs,” disclosed Sonnia who  further deepen her knowledge about social entrepreneurship, at the Harvard Business School in 2019 where she was certified with a passing grade from the  Entrepreneurship in an Emerging Economy course.

“ I still intend to expand our networks, bridge the gap between foreign investors and young entrepreneurs. Build manufacturing hubs, more schools,” stated Sonnia who did not fail to acknowledged the help she gets from families friends and Lagos state government  “Most help came from crowd funding and a few other friends and families that believe and support the vision.

” Lagos state government has also been of help to us and we are very grateful for that. Most business ideas need government backings and support to thrive, being a link between these kinds of people and the government would help grow us more. More importantly, we are willing to constantly render our help and services to the government; we believe that our own contributions can help make the country a better place.