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My Passion, Profession Are Inseparable Parts Of My Life – KennySam



Kenneth Okezie Samuel A.K.A Kennysam is an Engineer by training, MD Boss Engineering Nigeria Limited, Boss Entertainment Limited, owners of @STUDIO99PLUs, a father and husband. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, the humanitarian and delectable gospel artiste, speaks on his his upcoming music projects, his foundation and other sundry issues


What has been happening to KennySam musically of late?

KennySam went off the scene to do a proper rebranding lyrically and also, a little tweak to his style of doing music. For two years now without videos but dropped two beautiful songs titled God Dey My Side and I Can’t Imagine.


Let’s talk about your music. Igwe has been enjoying massive airplay locally and internationally. Which song are you currently working on and what should your fans be expecting from you next?

As we speak, I have recorded over a 100 deep lyrical and spirit filled songs. We are also working on a new video for the new song titled The Difference. This song is expected to drop any moment from now, the plan releases necessitated the renewed air play Igwe is having on TV and Radio stations at the moment.


Is there any positive coming from from the gospel music industry today, especially as it affects your genre of music?

Gospel in itself is good news and I’m sure the better way to define positive is good news.


How do you weave your profession and passion together in a clime like Nigeria?

(Smiles!) Weaving together my profession and passion has truly not been easy but because it was deliberate from the start, passion and profession has become inseparables part of my life. It’s already become an obligation I can’t run away from.


You embarked on a humanitarian protect where you fête hundreds of people also training them on different skills. What is the drive?

It’s a choice I have made, affecting people positively in my own little way has become a way of life. Considering who I was and who He’s helped me become, I really don’t like talking about the give backs. It beats my imagination how I got here. I see myself as one who owe God so much that talking about the little I do to supporting the less privileged is for me taking the glory I sincerely don’t deserve.


Enlighten us more about your foundation K.E.E.P.

K E E P… is more of Kennysam emancipation and empowerment pet project, funded by me and the aim and objective is to empower as much less privileged as I can. I am doing this to leave a legacy that those who will come after me can learn from.


How far do you think the foundation has gone and what are your projections for the future?

My projection for the future is for Kenny Sam Empowerment and Emancipation Project to affect every less privileged home like we have blocks in every house.

The foundation for me is breaking grounds and we need to do more. If the question is how far we have gone, brother, there is so much work to do. We have actually done not enough compared to the dream I have.


What’s your take on current political situation in the country and what do you think could be done to stabilise the polity?

Nigeria as a country that need our  sincere love and prayers now than she has ever needed. Any day we replace tribe, religion and ethnicity with competent sincere leaders, who truly love Nigeria and Nigerians from their heart, Nigeria will truly take her place in the comity of Nations. For now, we are in a difficult trying moment as a Nation.


How would you describe your personality?

I am that man whom God has graciously helped…I am that man who has no choice but to remain humble.


How do you shuffle between family and business?

My family is my number one priority and business. And sincerely, my take is, if you are successful in the home front, you have no reason whatsoever to fail in every other thing you find yourself doing. The love and support I get from my family has helped every other thing I do fall in place.

Where do you see yourself in 2years?

Success for me is deliberate and for the fact that I have remained deliberate in all I do…I see myself going higher, going beyond my expectations in the next 2 years.




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