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Actress Turn Evangelist, Leaving All The Glitters Of Nollywood

Joy Edjeren was rated as one of Nollywood’s finest actress for three to five years, JJ Bunny now Joy Edjeren had to leave the industry when the ovation for her was loudest. Her exit from the entertainment industry was shocking leaving her fans high and dry.

The Benue State born Joy Edjeren had a lot of movies credited to her name, she acted in movies like Governors Gift, Cage, The Grooms Bride and several others. JJ bunny is an actress residing in the United States who made her debut in the African movie titled “Caged” shot in the United States in 2009. She was one of the most sort after actress in the industry for five years.

Presently Joy Edjeren reside in the United State of America with her family and an evangelist wining souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. Edjeren was called by the Lord Jesus when she list expected. She was not just an actress, she was a film maker, producer and a recording artist.

God has different ways of calling his children her own came through a health challenge while shooting a movie in Ghana. Before the health issue she had been holed up in a hotel in Ghana for eight months buried in her production work. As the film was getting close to being shot she developed this severe health issues that defiled all human medications.

What started like a mild health issues became a serious challenge where she could not even finish her movie production not to talk of playing her role in the movie and she missed out. Knowing that she cannot continue she moved to Abuja Nigeria to see her sister who went into intense prayers for her and God healed her. That was where she got an instruction by God to work in his vine yard, she did not hesitate to leave the glitters of the industry and run to work for God.

Back to where she started acting from, it was not accidental, as a child she acted in school dramas, so Nollywood to her was a way of saying this is where I belong, this is my passion, it is my world. So in that world she became what she had always want to be, but God had other plans for her.

her first major acting career started with the movie “a woman’s mind” featuring Jim Iyke and Emeka Ike, and since then, the jobs kept on coming, “although my public career started from singing, it’s almost like acting is in my blood and it’s a thirst that I can’t resist. I love the fun and pleasure that is derived from acting. I enjoyed it so much that I eventually got into having my own movie production company’.

According to Mrs. Edjeren, “the movie profession is what it is, a profession like no other, it requires passion and dedication and again hard work. Suffice it to say that  Edjeren’s calling into the vine yard of God has enabled her to bring the talents she has into fore by writing and publishing her books. She has so far written some Christian books which has been much applauded. One of the books ‘The birth and death of JJ Bunny by Joy Edjeren”. The book is educative, instructive, Pedagogic, Inspiring spiritual and a lesson to all.

Her advice to lots of upcoming youths is do not be mesmerized by the lies of Hollywood to being blinded by to the short lived fame in Nollywood. Joy was eventually saved by the deception of the world and its allurement by the Lord Jesus Christ in 2012. She now allows the Holy Spirit to empower her while using her extensive background and experience to teach the word of God with real life applications.

In spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through her books and other evangelical tools, Edjeren’s books are in different parts of the world, aside from America where she resides, her books can be found in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana, you can also place order through Amazon and also from play store.

Joy Edjeren is appealing to all to turn to Jesus Christ. He is real, embrace Christ and have total peace within you she said.


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