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My Husband Is My Number One Fan – Tolulope



Tolulope Fowowe- Asanu is an actress, make-up artist, singer, humanitarian, and a mother. She stars in the on going popular TV series, “The Johnsons” as the wife of Mohammed. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM at the LEADERSHIP Group Headquarters in Abuja, she talks about her love for the industry, her passion for humanity and other sundry issues.

What inspired your decision into the movie industry?

Acting has always been something that I have passion for ever since I was a teenager actually. There has been inspirations from different people like some actors who I look up to in the industry. Coupled with the passion that I had, that was the drive, we are here now. I have been doing it like locally from little drama groups here and there until I met Rogers Ofime, and I got an opportunity to work with him on “The Johnsons.” There was series of auditions, theoretical and practical. Then finally I was starred in The Johnsons , a family TV series where I was Aisha, the wife to Mohammed .For me, I am able to mimick anyone because I am very good with languages. I am a Yoruba by tribe. But lots of people would quiz me if I were Hausa, wanting to know how I interpreted the role fluently. But then, it is what I have passion for. Then along the line, even before then, its just that I have not had the opportunity, but I’ve always wanted to give back to the society. So now that the opportunity has presented itself, I’m doing the little I can. Definitely I will make it bigger as time goes on. Touching the lives of people anyway I can. It is worthy of note that after The Johnsons, I embarked on short drama skits which is something you can see on my Instagram for those who are frequent on the platform. I do short skits, most of them are comic just to put smile on the faces of the people. I come up with an idea and bang. After that I said to myself why can’t I take this full-time. So I decided to produce a new movie which was shot this year titled “Unravelled”and we’ve just completed the shoot a fortnight ago. It is the story of a lady, a very timid one. And because of her timidity, she easily falls into depression. And the story of her being timid and depressed and how she got her groove back. It is a very insightful, sensitive, and touching story. I believe it is a must each by everyone. I was opportune to work with different actors like Foluke Daramola, Paul Sambo, Uche Ogbodo, my humble self and a host of others who are key to this project.

Approximately, how much did you spend on this movie?

Just like I said , I just finished shooting a couple of days back. The editing and what have you are still ongoing so you can see we are still spending money. But if we are through with that and you ask me this question, I will be able to give you a round up.

Aside the movie you have done , is there any other movie(s)?

No. I have done The Johnsons, “ Unravelled, and other dramas.

You talked about giving back to the society, do you have a foundation?

No, I talked about starting little. As time goes on I will. You know I just have to do something for people. There are lots of people out there. I really don’t have to wait until i register a foundation ,that is why I am stating now,the little way I can to touch these people no matter how little. I just want to make someone smile. Someone is out there and just need that little something that would uplift him or her. And what people might look at as little might mean a lot because our fingers are not equal.

Is there anything you do aside acting?

Yes! I am like a jack of all trade and master of all. I am a make-up artist, I’m a singer, actress, humanitarian, and a mother. There are lots of things I am working on. If I start talking about it today, we won’t end. I just want people to watch my space on Instagram because that is where lots of my activities goes on.

Tell us about your musical career…

In my movie I sang one of my songs I just produced . At time people would called to enquire who sang the song, and they have no idea I was the one.

Should we see a release of your songs anytime soon?

Yes…but that should be in the pipeline for now. My focus is on acting and giving back to the society just like I earlier mentioned. Certainly, I will delve into music in the nearest future.

With this perception of female actress doing some absurdity in the movie, how is your husband taking your passion as an actress?

My husband is my number one Fan. He has given me this huge support. I try as much as possible to give him back what he has given me in terms of transparency, openness. I try me best not to displease him in anyway. Like when I can’t do some things at home , I make sure I get someone to help out. But most of the time, if I am unable, he’s there for me because it is like a race.

What is your perception about the Nigerian Movie industry?

I think we are very good. We are growing so fast and so well. It is so encouraging. And that is one of the reasons I have taken the bull by the horn to be a part of this success story.

So what should we be expecting from you?

Movies and more movies in addition with service to humanity.



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