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New TV Channel On Verizon Excites Pastor Chris Oyakilome



Pastors Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn are excited to present the new Christian television channel that will begin airing through Verizon today on March 1, 2018. Broadcasts of the classic sermons people appreciate so much will continue, but many new programs will be added as well, such as those for children. Live streaming is another new development available.

Chris Oyakhilome sees this move as an exhilarating opportunity to present powerful Christian teachings to believers. New technology allows such easy access to view a program throughout the day when you have a moment to listen. Sometimes the weight of the day’s responsibility is easier to bear with an inspirational message to recharge you.

Another benefit of LoveWorld USA TV is the programming available for children. These high-quality programs are age-appropriate and presented in an accessible manner. Your children may forget they’re being taught because of their entertaining tone. You will see them as a relief from the misleading information so commonly found on television. LoveWorld USA TV reaches your children with the Word of God through a healthy and safe environment.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is committed to presenting church teachings to all the faithful through technology’s powerful availability. It provides an unprecedented connection for people to receive their spiritual lessons. There’s no longer a reason to be shut in and away from others with the new capability LoveWorld USA TV offers. You have access through cable or the Internet.

LoveWorld USA TV is expanding through Verizon to include the Internet, so whether you’re on the go, or need it brought to your home, it’s available for you. If you follow the link, you will find the official website. Another aspect of the site is social media. Through KingsChat, you are able to connect with others who share your beliefs. It’s a reassuring means to reach out for support and information. Additionally, Believers LoveWorld (BLW) offers news and current events. A word of inspiration is just a click away with LoveWorld USA TV.