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A’Ibom Elders Want Police To Expose PVC Thieves



Elders in Akwa Ibom under the aegis of Akwa Ibom Leaders Vanguard, has called on the police authorities to expose those behind the stealing of more than 2,000 PVCs  and burning of police stations in Okobo local council of the state recently.

Spokesperson for the group, Senator Aniette Okon told a press conference in Uyo yesterday that it was worrisome that  months after the incident the police authorities are yet to fish out the culprits or perpetuators of the crime opining that this could be dangerous for democracy in the country.

Okon also accused officials of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) of effecting repairs in the two stations damaged in an attempt to cover up the crimes of those involved in the incident.

“It is worrisome that individuals and element linked to a federal interventionist agency had promptly mobilised to effect rehabilitation and repairs of the burnt  down police stations in a desperate attempt to cover up and suppress justice and investigations into such dastardly executed criminality.

“One would expect the police to openly condemn, investigate and bring to book perpetuators of such crimes rather than open their arms to embrace criminal accomplices under the guise of interventionist agencies. This clandestine renovation stinks to high heavens.

“Fresh in our mind is the recent media reports of the carting away of 2,045 PVCs from INEC office in the same Okobo by these usual felons.

This constitutes a huge threat to the credibility and smooth conduct of the upcoming elections in the country.

“Allegations of culpability of the same suspects in the burning of the police station and killing of young Akwa Ibom men have yet again exposed the unholy relationship between law enforcement and federal agencies to the detriment of the constitution and the people,” he explained.

Okon however called on residents and indigenes of the state to exercise restraint but be vigilant in order not to allow selfish politicians to introduce  tension and violence into the 2019 general elections.

“Our appeal is always to implore Akwa Ibom people  to remain calm, peaceful but very vigilant as usurpers, warmongers and unscrupulous politicians desparate to scuttle the peace they could not promote or maintain in their time are lurking and provoking the Almighty God by their demonic quest for power, brandishing their much touted federal might.

“But we must at this point urge the federal government and law enforcement agents to discharge their duties without fear or favour as ‘power truly belongs to God’ and the peaceful disposition of Akwa Ibom people should never be mistaken for cowardice,” he concluded.





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